About Us

The summer of 1986 saw a steady influx of West Indies College alumni arriving in the Atlanta area, and the need for getting together to socialize and to reminisce about the Dear College on the Hill, became apparent. An informal network of individuals spread the word as to the whereabouts of new arrivals, and efforts were made to support and assist each other with regards to housing, jobs, church, etc. Because the entertainment and social activities available did not measure up to what we were accustomed to, we created our own. Our first effort, a picnic in Exchange Park , Decatur, was a great success. Thereafter, we began meeting in various homes to play dominoes and eat whatever Jamaican food we could procure. The home of Roger and Pat Davis soon became the regular meeting place. Having been active in the New York Chapter of the Alumni Association, Pat Davis spearheaded the formation of the Atlanta Chapter in the fall of 1986. The Constitution which governed the New York chapter was adapted. Pat Davis was elected the first President. The first Alumni Day program was held in 1987 at the Bouldercrest United Methodist Church, Atlanta.

The Atlanta Alumni Association has evolved into an organization which provides support and assistance to current students, or those who are desirous of attending NCU. We want the students to have the opportunity to participate in the unique NCU college experience they can find nowhere else, and to become a part of the large family network of alumni all over the world.